VS Token

Hello and welcome. Thanks for checking out VS, the native token of Vite Spot. If you’re here, you’re probably already familiar with Vite Spot and what we do. In that sense, I’m just going to shortly talk about VS and what we have planned in a format that most who are familiar with us are used to.

One year ago to the day, we started building Vite Spot. I had recently learnt about Vite, and almost immediately fell in love with its fee-less, programmable and instant nature. Not just that, but the vibrant communities and exciting projects being built around and on it. I wanted to be a part of it, and try to help it grow, so I started Vite Spot.

Vite Spot has a clear goal, vision and mission:

Vite Spot (VS) strives to create simple to understand, high quality educational content for Vite and the growing Vite Ecosystem. To create a safe and welcoming place for newcomers to Vite, and to promote and support Vite’s developers, communities and their projects.

1B VS Token Distribution


The DAO fund will have a variety of functions and will not only have outflow but also have inflow. It will play a large roll in operations, like fund raising and paying bills, but also have revenue earning and DAO voting potential.

25% of the DAO (50M of 200M) will be available to purchase over the course of 2023.

The DAO will also generate revenue from advertisements/sponsorships, paid content creation, and from a portion of every single article published on Vite Spot.

Some (not all) Earning Examples

350,000 VS to commission article

People will be able to hire Vite Spot to create articles for them. This could be guides on how to use their products, product announcements or really anything that falls into the Vite universe. These articles would also be shared on our growing social accounts.

700,000 VS to promote token

We see new projects, products and tokens launched on Vite all the time. As Vite Spot grows, our audience is also growing. Let us help announce and share details of your token and project to the Vite community giving it a running start and helping it succeed.

150,000 per week sponsor

We would be grateful for mutually beneficial sponsorships. Vite Spot has built in functionality to proudly display our sponsors, from banner placement or article placement that strategically can be placed around the website and even announced on our social accounts.

200,000 to list on faucet page

The newly launched faucet page is one of our more popular pages. It offers users a means of easy access to daily tokens, and updates for new articles on Vite Spot, including token specific news. Your faucet could be listed here, along with a link to your website and socials.

What will the funds raised be used for?

…To be honest with you, I have spent a LONG time thinking about this… but I don’t currently have an elaborate multi-year plan for this fund. The bills to run Vite Spot are currently a couple hundred dollars a year, and everything else is pretty well funded as you’ll see below. What I’m hoping, is we can have some good communication and build this organization together.

There are a few ideas the funds raised could be used for:

If 100,000 Vite is raised, a space on Vite DAO tool can be opened and used to host proposals for Vite Spot in a decentralized and open way.

If 1M Vite is eventually raised, a SBP can be created and we can figure out how the funds could be arranged to accommodate that.

VS holders could receive a share of the revenue generated based on the amount held.


The team fund will be paid out over 8 years at a consistent weekly rate, and will be used to attract and retain talented individuals to work on and grow Vite Spot. Like the DAO, it also has the potential to grow and earn so it’s not exclusively limited to going dry at the end of 8 years.

Currently the team is just 1 human and 1 cat.

Hi 👋, I’m Damien, currently living in Canada. I’ve been building websites for around 20 years. My first website was made in my moms basement using Notepad, and featured my cats, cows and dog. Since then I’ve gone on to make a multitude of other websites, from small niche websites, to websites that have had millions of viewers. When I’m not building websites, I’m probably engrossed in a financial spreadsheet or trying to learn about some new technology.

Hi 😺, I’m Soi, short for Soifon. Damien lives with me in my house. I’m super helpful when it comes to making this website. Sometimes I contribute by walking on the keyboard and standing in front of the monitor to catch Damien’s spelling mistakes. When I’m not helping, I like zooming around from place to place, sharpening my claws, sleeping on Damien’s lap and chasing bugs in the backyard.


The community fund will go towards helping grow the community in an organic and healthy way. What does that mean? At Vite Spot we value quality much more than quantity. We’d rather only have 100 quality and engaged Twitter followers, than 10,000 bought and paid for Twitter followers. That means you’re unlikely to see things like campaigns saying to go follow or retweet and post screenshot proof to earn x amount of VS.

So what will the fund be used for?

  • Faucets – We think these are incredibly important, especially for people who are new to Vite and looking to experiment.
  • Airdrops – From time to time you’ll probably see these in our Discord, they’re fun and everyone likes them. Btw, maybe take the articles role in our Discord in case we ping @articles when a new post is published and follow it with a short term airdrop 😉.
  • Rewards – Be helpful to others, maybe spend some time in our Discord and get randomly rewarded.
  • Long Term – If we somehow end up raising 1M Vite and starting a SBP, a portion of this fund will likely transition to SBP rewards.


The development fund is by far the largest, and will play an integral role. Anyone can earn from the development fund in multiple ways… more than what we just have listed below. This funds purpose is also not to just grow Vite Spot, but also to help grow the Vite Ecosystem as a whole.

To clarify, that means you could earn VS by creating educational content about completely separate Vite products like Viterium, or ViCat or many others. Not just that either, there will be bounties offering larger rewards for high priority or complex big brain guides, or even content creation for projects who pay to have content created for them about their Vite product/project.

Some Earning Examples

200,000 VS per published article

All contributors who successfully publish on Vite Spot will be able to earn from this fund. This grows to 225,000 VS per published article for team members or users who become dedicated authors.

250,000 VS/month Vuilder Prize

Any Vuilder across any project in the Vite Ecosystem can earn this prize. We classify a Vuilder as anyone who is helping Vite grow, whether it be a developer or even a helpful member of the community.

You nominate and vote for them, and we all get to recognize the contributions of these VIPs together.

Developers to Build

We love Vite developers and all the cool things they build for us. One of the main purposes of Vite Spot is… “to promote and support Vite’s developers, communities and their projects.”

Build us cool things, for instance… a faucet, and we’ll pay you for it, and even try to promote you and your product.


We hope this has helped explain a little bit about VS, its potential and utility. VS is currently listed on ViteX and VITCSwap. Whether you’d like to invest, participate in Vite Spot or just read our content we are happy to have you ❤️.

We’ll be publishing instructions soon on how you can contribute to Vite Spot and earn from the Development fund. We’ll also be publishing instruction for those looking to hire or sponsor Vite Spot. When these are available, we’ll notify everyone.

Have any questions about VS? Feel free to ask in our Discord.