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Join the growing Vite ecosystem. DEXs, DeFi, DAOs, Tools, NFTs

Part 3 is all about getting involved in the fast growing Vite ecosystem.

The ecosystem around Vite is rapidly growing. Its fee-less and instant nature is attracting developers. And developers are doing what they do best, building things and giving us all sorts of fun ways to interact and grow with Vite. Communities are forming around the Vite platform bringing further creativity and sharing of knowledge.

There is so much more to Vite, than just Vite… and it’s just getting started.

In this last part of the Getting Started guide, we’ll briefly explore some of the most popular community projects. We strongly encourage you to join their Discord servers and follow them on Twitter. Join in some fun chats, ask the developers a bunch of questions, and share feedback.

Choosing a SPB

Voting for a SBP is an easy way to earn daily rewards. A vote can be changed at any time, and doesn’t cause any restrictions.

The more people voting for a SBP, the more rewards the SBP earns, so there is competition for your vote. As an incentive some SBP’s not only provide Vite as daily rewards, but up the game by providing additional token rewards as well.

VITCScan shows the current APY’s of SBPs to help make choosing easier.

SBPs vary in the amount of interest they reward, and the kinds of rewards they give. The more Vite held in your wallet, the more rewards you get.

Vite DEXs

While ViteX is built into the official Vite wallet, it’s not the only Exchange on the Vite Network. The Vitamin Coin team have also created a decentralized exchange, and there are more on the way. One of the the main differences between ViteX and VITCSwap is how orders are placed.


ViteX offers a lot of functionality beyond just being an exchange, such as cross-chain functionality, mining, minting, dividends and more. Orders on ViteX are placed as limit orders.


VITCSwap is an exchange build by the Vitamin Coin team that offers market orders instead of limit orders. VITCSwap is also built into the Viterium Wallet.

Vite DeFi

Earn interest on your assets by using Staking Pools or take a chance at a much larger reward through a no-loss lottery. It’s as easy as connecting a wallet and staking into one of the available pools or lotteries.


Viva was the first Staking Pool launched on Vite. The native token on VivaFi is VIVA.


VITCStake is a Staking Pool by Vitamin Coin. The native token on VITCStake is VITC.


ViteTogether is the first no-loss lottery on Vite, offering a chance to win weekly rewards.

Vite DAOs

The decentralized organizations creating utility and bringing attention to Vite.

Vita Inu

The world’s first zero-fee, lightspeed and energy efficient dog coin in the Metaverse!

More than just a dog coin. #VinuSquad


Building the greatest BaaS (Bridges as a Service) business in the world.

Powered by Vitamin Coin.

Vitamin Coin

Promoting healthy living and blessed with talented and very productive developers.

Listed in every section on this page.

Vite Tools

Community built tools for use on Vite. Showcasing some of the most talented developers migrating to Vite.


Viterium is a fantastic alternative to the official Vite Wallet. It’s fast, user-friendly and has built in DeFi and DEX with an ambitious roadmap for future development.


Vitabot is a wallet/bot for your social media accounts. Transact on Twitter, Discord and more. It’s fast, simple to use and offers great functionality.

Vite NFTs

The NFT space on Vite is still in early development. We already have a few NFT projects, but are still waiting on a full blown NFT marketplace.

51 Aliens

There are a total of 510 Alien NTFs. Each costing 500 Vite to Mint. There is currently a marketplace on 51 Aliens to buy and sell.


A future NFT marketplace on Vite. There are currently 16 NFT projects listed on their Discord as waiting to publish on this marketplace.

Hey! Congratulations, you made it to the end of this 3 part getting started guide. We hope you enjoyed it.

At Vite Spot, we strive to create simple to understand, high quality content for Vite and the growing Vite Ecosystem. To promote and support its developers, communities and their projects. We want to create a safe and simple place for newcomers to Vite and Crypto so everyone can get involved.

There are more projects on Vite than just what’s listed here, and new ones are popping up all the time. We plan to cover these, and create content to help you learn about, and use them. I hope you join us on this journey as we continue to explore Vite and its Ecosystem ?.