Vitely #4: Vite DAO Nomination, VitaBot API Bypass, VinuChain

Discover the latest developments in the Vite Ecosystem, including news on Vite DAO, VinuChain, and VitaBot’s Twitter API bypass, all in this week’s update.

There always seems to be something happening in Vite or the Vite Ecosystem. This week sees new developments on the frequently spoken about Vite DAO implementation. We have news on what VitaBot has been up to since the Twitter API change. Vinu has given us a look at what VinuChain is going to be capable and of course we have the latest on new earning pools being added to StakeVITC and Viva.

Vite DAO Nomination

Earlier this week we saw Vite take another step towards transitioning to a DAO. Vite is asking for members to put forward nominations for who they’d like to see running a DAO SBP. Users were quick to comment on the tweet with their nominations. It’s not to late to add your own nominations.

Later, Vite clarified this would be to elect one individual to run the DAO SBP.

Concerns were raised that with only one DAO SBP owner, some projects within the ecosystem could be overlooked or negatively impacted. Developers in the Vite ecosystem have since put forward a proposal to Vite that would elect a collective of developers and representatives currently building on Vite.

Other developers were quick to point out the difference between a SBP DAO and Vite being a DAO. Noting that a SBP DAO is limited in comparison to running things like the Vite treasury and operations.

There are still unanswered questions about how this will all work. Including, if the whole DAO plan is simply a DAO SBP plus restricted proposals to the DAO portal, or if Vite is actually transitioning to a full DAO.

There are still questions of how the proposals will work, and with the DAO transition as a whole. One thing is for sure however, the community and Vite are both engaged and passionate on the topic. Each week in the Vitely we’ve seen new developments or conversations. Even if the conversations can sometimes turn heated, we see this as a large positive, as it shows people genuinely care about the project and are eager to see it succeed.

VitaBot API Bypass

A couple weeks ago in the Vitely #2, we noted that on Twitter, VitaBot was down due to Twitter’s new API costs.

We’re glad to be able to update you. While VitaBot is still down on Twitter, the Vitamin Coin team have devised a means of being able to withdraw your tokens from Twitter.

Not only that, but the interface is incredibly slick and is not only for Twitter, but also coming to Discord, Reddit and Telegram.

If you have any funds on your Twitter account, you’ll see a message at the top of the page with an option to withdraw your funds. Even for withdrawing, the interface is incredibly polished as well. If you don’t have anything to withdraw from Twitter, it’ll simply ask you don’t deposit anything to your Twitter account.

Vite Extends Bug Bounty

The bug bounty proposed by Vite has been extended to May 29th. This bug bounty is for testing the Await feature and the Large Contract upgrade. Read more about it in our previous Vitely #2.


Vinu released some new information about its upcoming Chain, called VinuChain in a Twitter thread.

It go over how holders of VC can stake their tokens to use the network for zero fees, while non stakers will see transaction fees that would be partially burnt and paid to validators.

The network is currently under development, with the testnet launch scheduled for June 26, followed by the mainnet launch on July 7. Interestingly, the block explorer is already developed and transactions are already happening on chain.

The private investment round is already underway, while the public rounds will be opened later. Vinu Foundation is focused on getting existing dApps ready for VinuChain testnet, including the already launched VinuPay.

In exciting news for current Vinu holders, upon launch, they’ll receive an airdrop of VC as a token of appreciation.

New Staking Pools