Vitely #7: VinuSwap Testnet, TOR Cancels Presale, Vinu AMA

Vinu launched VinuSwap Testnet, had an AMA with BilliDrop and shared VinuChain details. TOR canceled presale, leaves Vite and controversy ensues.

This past weeks sees Vinu launch the Testnet version of VinuSwap, and participate in an AMA with BilliDrop. Vinu also provided us with more details about VinuChain. We also see the TOR project cancel their presale and leave the Vite platform, as well as some controversy about the project as a whole from community members.

VinuSwap Testnet Update

The eagerly awaited VinuSwap Testnet is now live! Users are able to test the swap and staking function by using testnet tokens.

As it’s still in development, users need to install a browser plugin called Vite Passport instead of using a wallet like Viterium or even the official Vite Wallet.

For users unaware, since this is Testnet, only Testnet tokens will work. Do not try to use your mainnet tokens. The tweet itself does a good job of giving instructions on how to test out the feature.

Some exciting updates are also on the way, including:

  • Dark Mode
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Languages optimisation
  • Additional UI enhancements

TOR Token

TOR has been undergoing some rapid and large changes over the past couple of weeks ever since announcing their original presale of their token. Originally, the launch was going to have a 40% presale for their token, this led to prominent members of the Vite community raising some questions and concerns. TOR then announced a large token distribution change, including changing the presale amount to 20%, and wanting to sell it all within 1 hour, for around $20,000 worth of Vite.

This immediately raised further questions and concerns by members of the Vite community, some likening it to a potential scam and even comparing it to previous scam tokens on Vite. Members also raised concerns about a lack of initial transparency around a portion of the TOR tokens being stolen. Meanwhile the TOR team and TOR supporters are pushing back on the legitimacy of the project.

It has now been confirmed that the TOR project has cancelled their presale, and are leaving Vite all together.

With these changes, additional questions were raised by users. What happens to the TOR tokens already collected, do they have any use? The answer coming from Mor, a team lead at TOR was, “Unfortunately, No.” When asked if the tokens already collected will be honoured and converted to the BSC version, the answer was also “No”.

It is currently difficult to know exactly what is happening with TOR at the moment, or the future of TOR. If you have questions of your own, or would like to see the discussion yourself, please check out the TOR Discord Server.

The TOR team has left this announcement:

Dear TOR community,

We regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel our pre-sale and leave the Vite network. We understand that this may come as a disappointment to some of our supporters, but we believe that this decision is in the best interest of our project and our community.

After careful consideration and evaluation of our project’s needs, we have decided to transfer our TOR token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. We believe that this move will provide us with the necessary resources and tools to achieve our goals and deliver the best possible experience for our users.

As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support, we would like to offer some tokens to our active members. We hope that this gesture can help ease the disappointment caused by our decision.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and want to assure you that we remain committed to our vision and our community. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and welcome your feedback and support in ⁠changes.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Sincerely,

Toranj Team

Vinu BilliDrop AMA

Audio Version


Yasin, a community moderator, introduces himself and hosts an AMA session about the new game called Vinu Drop created by the BilliDrop team. The AMA emphasizes the importance of following server guidelines. The CEO of BilliDrop, provides an overview of the game, explaining that it is a raffle where participants purchase tickets. Ticket prices are fixed, and as more tickets are sold, the prize pool increases. Winners are chosen randomly using a fair system, with prizes ranging from small amounts to a top prize of $10,000. Revenue generated from the game is shared between BilliDrop and the Vita Inu project for community initiatives. The game’s transparency and security are highlighted, with the contract and winners’ transactions being publicly accessible.

Participants can check if they have won by viewing their wallet or the list of winners. The game’s bonus button provides promotional bonuses, and a coupon game will soon be included, offering utility for the Vita Inu token. The main draw is conducted in BNB to avoid price volatility, while the coupon game uses Vinu tokens. A majority (75%) of the funds received for each draw are paid out as prizes, which is higher than conventional lotteries.

The speaker discusses the better odds of winning a drop compared to a traditional lottery due to guaranteed winners and lower overhead costs. Anonymity is highlighted, allowing winners to decide how to declare their winnings. The transparency of blockchain enables people to see transactions and fees. If a drop doesn’t fill, it remains until it does, aiming to increase the jackpot over time. The drop is not just a game for money but also a platform for showcasing projects. The website and app are continuously updated to enhance the user interface and overall experience.


We were given more details on VinuChain. We suggest giving the Medium article a read if interested in what VinuChain is and it’s planned future.

The full article goes over the innovation it’s creating such as EVM compatibility, PoS consensus, and a unique feeless system. How it offers fast transactions, scalability, and reduced spam risks. Including how stakers are rewarded with feeless transactions, while non-stakers can pay minimal gas fees.

It also goes into detail about how VinuChain allocates tokens for developer grants and prioritizes sustainability by rejecting energy-intensive mining.

Staking Pools

Viva and VITCStake are continuing to offer fantastic pools. Here’s a quick run down.

Viva currently has 20 pools available 🤯, offering a large variety of token as well.

VITCStake saw VT get 2 new pools this week, currently totalling 8 pools.

This includes 2 VS pools still offering over 250% APR 🤩.

New on Vite Spot

We wanted to provide a small update about Vite Spot. How it’s been growing over the months, the VS token sale so far and even a peak at some potential upcoming benefits.


April 2023 saw a +1560% increase in readership. May 2023 saw an additional +140% increase on top of April alone.

The majority of this traffic is coming from search engines and social media, and will likely continue as content grows and the Vite ecosystem grows. It’s all organic, no low quality paying people to retweet/like, or artificially inflated numbers ect.


Over 25K Vite worth of VS has been sold on ViteX in the couple of weeks since it’s been available. It seems active on VITCSwap as well.

There was no presale, ICO, pre-hype or any of that.


We’re working on adding additional VS holder benefits. When income is generated from fees/rewards, these would be sent to all holders of VS.

Only 25% of the DAO fund is being sold in the first year (if that). People who want to contribute will have the opportunity to earn as well as people who just want to hold.

Word of Caution

I’ve seen artificially inflated numbers a lot recently and wanted to pass a word of caution to those new to crypto. Be cautious of judging a project based on number of twitter followers, likes/retweets, or even by trading volume as these are easily manipulated. This isn’t always a bad thing, however some may be fooled into believing a project or cryptocurrency is more legitimate or active because of it.

The way this often works is, users join a hidden channel on Discord or other service. In these channels people will be told to go follow an account or interact with a tweet or content to inflate the numbers. The users then submit proof of completing the action and are rewarded with some tokens or similar reward. This can also exist on other platforms, and there are even paid services that provide this as well.

This is also a double edged sword, it can not only potentially hurt users, but also the project by lowering its reputation. Often the users that participate, are using a secondary lower quality twitter account offering no benefits other than inflating numbers. Secondly, the project has to continue doing it, otherwise it would look like a drastic drop in interaction. This also impacts real interaction, a tweet with a hundred likes may only get 10 link clicks, where as a tweet with 10 likes if done legitimately can get 100 link clicks.

Always quality over quantity. Stay safe out there!