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How and Why to Create a Faucet for your Vite Tokens

Give small, get big: how a Vite faucet can help grow your community and Vite adoption.

Running a crypto faucet, whether it’s a free pool or a dedicated faucet, can offer many benefits for your Vite Token or project. In this article we’re going to go over some of the benefits, challenges and costs… and of course how to get setup with your own pool, or how to go about taking it to the next level with a dedicated faucet.

Let’s start off at the top, what is a crypto faucet? To put it simply, a crypto faucet is a website or application that distributes a small amount of cryptocurrency to users for free. Usually there is a small task required such as completing a captcha to earn the coin/token. This is mainly to deter bots however.

Benefits of a Faucet

That brings us to the next question. Why would we want to give away small amounts of our crypto for free? Simply put, because of the numerous benefits. These benefits can range from acquiring new users, user retention, brand exposure, traffic generation, community building and even education and adoption to name a few.

By freely giving away small amounts of your Vite Token, you can attract users who are interested without requiring them to take the leap of making an initial investment, leading to an easier entry point of user acquisition. And of course once users start using your crypto faucet, repeated visits can help retain users and promote continued engage with your platform/token. This in turn leads to increased brand exposure, community building and even the potential for word of mouth marketing that brings in additional members.

One of the greatest uses of a Vite faucet however is the role it has in education and promoting the adoption of Vite and cryptocurrency as a whole. Instead of just reading about crypto or watching videos, new users are encouraged to download a wallet, and explore the Vite platform. There is no better way for new users learn how the wallets work, explore community projects and learn how DeFi works. Vite is one of the best platforms for new users, with its fee-less and fast nature, users are encouraged to try new things.

When I first came to Vite, I had never tried DeFi before. Crypto was a thing you bought and then did nothing with, because either there was nothing to do with it, or everything involving DeFi had fees (ETH).

Being fee-less and fast sounded amazing, but I just wanted to try it first without dropping any money on it. This lead me to my first faucet. Without that faucet I may have never actually experimented with Vite and the platform.

Getting Prepared

There are two different ways of creating a faucet for your token. One simply involves taking a few minutes to fill out an online form. The other requires you speak to imalfect, the developer of Both are easy, but which one is better for your purposes?

For either option, there are a few requirements and choices to be made. Lets quickly go over some of them.

Vite Token ID

One of the requirements is to know the Vite Token ID. This token ID starts with tti_. If you’re unsure of how to find this, here are two easy options.

If you’re using the official Vite Wallet, select the token in the wallet, then tap on the token icon on the top right of the screen. This will present a list of the token details, including the token ID.

If you’re using Viterium, simply select the token in the wallet, and tap on the token info button at the top right. You’ll be taken to a block explorer page showing the token information.

Reward Distribution

Faucets are usually meant to distribute a small amount of tokens. Enough for users to want to use your faucet, but not enough that it’s costing you too much to run it. For some reference, Vite Spot gives 5 VS per claim, Vitamin Coin gives 2 VITC, and Vinu gives 20,000 VINU.

Of course these amounts can be changed after the pool is created, by opening a support ticket in the ViteTokens discord server.


After a pool or faucet is created, it’s your responsibility to track the the faucet balance and top it up as needed. If choosing the dedicated faucet instead of a free pool, there are ongoing fees that you’ll be responsible for.

After the process of creating a pool, you’ll immediately be provided with information such as the Wallet Seed, and the Pool Secret. It’s very important that you note this information as it won’t be shown again.

Free Pool

On the Create a Pool page, there are a few fields that need to be filled in. We’ll quickly go over a couple that may not be obvious.

In the rewards field, enter how many tokens the user should be rewarded each time they use the faucet. Users are only able to use the faucet once per day. Remember that if wanted, you could reward less than 1 token per use by simply entering in the reward amount such as 0.5 or 0.25.

For the description it’s important to know that HTML formatting is supported. This would be a fantastic location to have link to more information about your token or project. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML formatting, a free online tool like can be used. Then simply paste the code into the description box.

After setting up a pool a new wallet is created automatically. You will be provide the wallet seed and will be responsible for keeping the wallet topped up.

After filling in the form and submitting it, a payment of 1 Vite is required to create the pool.

The pool option is fantastic for making users aware of your token. When visitors use, a pool is randomly selected offering a great means of publicity.

Dedicated Faucet

Beyond the cost of setting up a dedicated faucet, there are additional requirements and ongoing costs compared to the free pool option. Before contacting the developer however, it would be a good idea to have certain things prepared and a basic understanding of what to expect.

Ongoing Costs

A Web Domain

VPN Check Queries

Web Hosting

Additional Requirements

Token Icon (best if SVG) 

Token Colors (in HEX) 

Token ID, and Decimals

When it comes to the Domain, VPN Queries and Hosting, these items are handled by the developer. While we haven’t provided a comprehensive listing of the costs, we hope that gives you a small overview of what can be involved.

If any of that sounds complex, or daunting, here’s a quick review of my experience setting up Vite Spot’s dedicated faucet. It was really easy. iMalfect is a respected member of the Vite Community, he was quick to answer my questions, easy to work with, flexible with payments, and basically took care of everything. Developer