How to register a name with VinuPay and Create Invoices

Simplify your payment process and personalize your Vite wallet address with VinuPay’s easy to use platform, offering personalized usernames ending in .vinu.

With the introduction of VinuPay on Vite, users are now able to create invoices and register unique name ending with “.vinu”, such as vitespot.vinu. These usernames with the addition of invoices can be used for small business invoicing, peer-to-peer transactions, freelancer payments… and since the username names are transferrable, even unique name trading. The transferable usernames provide a simple and memorable way to send and receive transactions without needing to know the full Vite address.

VinuPay names have also been integrated in VITCScan thanks to developer Not Thomiz. This allows people to recognize the wallet address on VITCScan while viewing transactions instead of only seeing a long string of text and numbers.

Even more exciting is the upcoming implementation into Viterium, giving easy access to send transactions to names, mint and manage names and even create and pay invoices!

Register a Name

So how do we get started with VinuPay? The first thing that needs to be done is to create a name. Doing so has a fee. The fee amount is dependent on the number of characters of the name being created.

500M Vinu – 5+ character length

1B Vinu – 4 character length

1.5B Vinu – 3 character length

First off, you need to connect your registering wallet. This can be done by clicking “Connect” on the top right of the VinuPay website. This will show a QR code. Scan this QR Code with either the official Vite Wallet or Viterium. If done correctly it’ll say “Connected” at the top right.

Open the sidebar on the website and select Mint Name. Enter in the name you’d like to give the wallet. The cost of registering the name will be presented in Vinu and also shown in $USD. To register the name, you much have the required amount of Vinu in your wallet.

Upon confirming the transaction, your wallet will now be registered as whatever name you chose, followed by .vinu.

Manage Names

Each wallet can have multiple names tied to it, and these names are transferable. To manage the names your wallet owns, connect your wallet and select “Manage names” from the sidebar. A list of all the names will be shown here along with a section for transferring names.

To transfer names simply input the receiving Vite address and press the transfer button. Be aware however, that this action is irreversible, so make sure the address has been entered correctly.

Create an Invoice

Creating an invoice can only be done after a name is created and registered to a wallet.

Unlike creating a name, there are no fees when creating an invoice, or when the invoice gets paid.

To do this, open the sidebar again, and select “Create an Invoice”. What follows is a 5 step process.


As each wallet can have multiple names, select which name you want to create an invoice for.


Next, we can select which address will receive the payment from the invoice. This can be a different wallet than the wallet creating the invoice. If you want it to be the same wallet, just select the option to have it paid to the same wallet that’s creating the invoice.


Now we select the coin/token we’d like the payment to be made in. The list is long, so it’s suggested to just start typing in which token you’d like to be paid, and it’ll automatically navigate to the proper selection. After that, simply input the amount of tokens.


Each invoice has an expiry date. The maximum length an invoice can exist is 1 week. There is a date selector provided. Just click on the calendar icon to make it easier to select a date.


Finally, review that the invoice details are correct, and if it all looks correct, proceed with creating the invoice.

Once the invoice is created, it’ll momentarily pop up a small invoice number at the bottom of the screen. Note this number as it’s the only time you’re shown your invoice number.

Each Wallet can have as many invoices as you want.

Invoices have a maximum life of 1 week.

An invoice can only be paid one. Once paid, it’ll show as payment complete.

A created invoice doesn’t have to receive the payment. During invoice creation, any other wallet can be set as the receiving wallet.

Be watchful for the invoice number after creating an invoice, it’s only visible for a couple of seconds.

Lookup and Pay Invoice

To lookup an invoice we need to know the invoice number. Again, go to the sidebar and select “Pay an Invoice”, then simply enter in the invoice number and it’ll present details about the invoice. These details include the recieving wallet address, amount of tokens and which token will be paid.

There is no need to manually enter this information in, simply scan the QR code with your wallet using either the Official Vite wallet or Viterium.

The information will be sent to your wallet and auto fill the receiving wallet address, token and amount.

VinuPay Developer